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Vin Los lands his first fashion campaign

Vin Los, 24, gained notoriety last year for his tattoo-covered visage and his dreams of becoming the most famous man in the world; despite facing heavy criticism about his unique ink, Vin insisted that the Sharpie-like tattoos on his face, neck, chest, and arms 'embody pop culture', create 'a myth, a mystery' and would one day help him to achieve his goal of global fame.

And while many may have doubted his chances of succeeding, it seems his unique look has actually started to pay off, as the Montreal-based model has landed a campaign for underwear brand Garçon Model.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3040168/Male-model-24-random-words-tattooed-FACE-lands-fashion-campaign-flaunting-crudely-inked-body-art-underwear-ad.html#ixzz3XQnKM9dA 
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